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Sotto Luce Kami lamps family has many options to completely tailor this style light to your style and requirements. With variations in colour, width, length of power cord - even variations of how many lights you want from a single ceiling rose - the choice is all yours. This pleated style light is designed with an empire shape for a traditional feel that oozes a contemporary charm with it is hanging textile power cords.

The lamp is available in minimalist colours - black, white and écru, a natural fawn colour. All finish comes with a choice of hardware in black or white. The natural colour finishes of these lampshades ensure a modest, sophisticated style, a perfect addition to a mature and rustic room.

Whichever approach to interior design you prefer, Sotto Luce Kami suspension collection is the perfect pendant ceiling lamp. Imagine a striking light blue textile power cord paired with a white lampshade and ceiling rose - a subtle burst of blue could liven up the whole room and inject true style into an everyday space.

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